Workfor: The chosen dot

May 07, 2017Filed under Film and Professional Services

Looks like a bright colored geometric nonsense, doesn't it? Let me congratulate you. You are wrong.
This little gem of bliss is not less than a sensible blockbuster about the drama and success of a yellow dot. Join us as we embark on a rollercoaster of tumultuous abstraction yet tangible pain of the most old relationship. The Boss, The Structure, The Office, The Market, The Law, The Boredom, The Excitement, and of course -The Worker. Everything has a part in this crazy colored geometric drama.

Advertising Agency:Piko, Chisinau, Moldova
Director:Sandu Cojocari
Art Directors:Aliona Ciobanu, Constantin Sarcov, Sandu Cojocari
Graphic Designers:Aliona Ciobanu, Eugen Papen, Nicoleta Puiu
Illustrators:Aliona Ciobanu, Eugen Papen, Nicoleta Puiu
Sound Designer:Serban Ilicevici
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