Tnuva: Coloring Milk

May 18, 2017Filed under Direct Marketing and Education

Tnuva, Israel’s leading food manufacturer, has been producing milk since 1926 - way before Israel was even founded. With over 2 million cartons produced and distributed across the country on a daily basis, Tnuva’s milk has become a common household commodity. Looking for a way to harness the scale of this medium in order to engage the consumers, on a product that’s found in every fridge in the country. Following the 2016 adult coloring book craze, the Coloring Milk was born. The Coloring Milk is a special edition of Tnuva’s milk cartons - a series of cartons which are completely black and white with illustrations which are an invitation for creativity. The cartons sparked the creativity of consumers from all ages.

Advertising Agency:Gefen Team, Tel-Aviv, Israel
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