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Just a drop in the bucket.

Every day for hundreds of years humans have been exploring the sea and although the oceans are vast, one would think we would have explored more than 5% of it. But that’s it. 5%. That’s an infinitesimally small number. Imagine the wonders that await us when we grow that number to say 6%, 20%, 90%. It staggers the mind. Now apply that thinking to rare disease. Believe it or not of the 7,000 rare diseases that afflict over 350 million in the world the number we have treatments for is also 5%. That means untapped potential and a lot of suffering. Now imagine the wonders that await the world if we could grow that percentage. That’s why we’re here.
Rare diseases. Rarer solutions.

There are just 60 Javan Rhinos left on the planet

…and they are under better care than the millions of people afflicted with rare diseases

Every living being deserves a fair shot at a decent life on this planet. This should include patients with rare disease. But right now, there are millions of people suffering with over 7,000 rare disorders the world over. And only 5% of those illnesses have viable medications. Many of these diseases are so rare in fact, they affect only a few hundred people, so it’s no wonder they don’t always get the care they need. That’s why we’re here.
Rare diseases. Rarer solutions.

Imagine that this page represents 100% of rare diseases in the world today. Now consider that the scant few words you’re reading equal those we have medicines for. That’s 5%. And that’s not good enough. Especially when you find out that there are over 7,000 rare diseases hurting families every day. That means there are 350 million poor souls dealing with rare disorders who need help. That’s why we’re here.
Rare diseases. Rarer solutions.

Think of a disease. What disease did you think of? Was it Aarskog syndrome? Fanconi anemia? X-linked myotubular myopathy? Probably not. No. More likely it was cancer. And that’s fair. Cancers a big disease that causes big problems. It also gets a big share of the dollars available to help. But those other, “smaller” diseases they’re big problems too – at least to the victims and their families. Wait you never heard of them? That’s because they’re rare diseases. And those are just 3 among the 7,000 rare diseases hurting so many around the globe. Only 5% of these disorders have viable medicines or treatments, meaning, these people really need someone to help. That’s why we’re here.
Rare diseases. Rarer solutions.

The chances are slim. Statistically speaking, there’s a greater chance for someone with a rare disease winning like 25 hands of poker in a row than getting a viable treatment for their disease in their lifetime. Seriously, only 5% of these illnesses have meds and with the over 7,000 rare diseases & disorders known today affecting 350 million people that’s a pretty bad deal. It’s time someone helped them turn their luck around. That’s why we’re here.
Rare diseases. Rarer solutions.

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