OMO: The Least Active Kids in History

May 14, 2017Filed under Film and Public Interest, NGO

Kids today are the least active kids in history, as they spend, on average, less than an hour a day playing outside and getting dirty. All the free time they have (besides food, sleep, studying and bathroom breaks) is most likely spent with electronics, which are preferred by parents in the Middle East; they believe, based on cultural norms, that keeping their children clean is associated with better parenting.

That’s not always so good for a washing powder brand like OMO, whose philosophy is “Dirt is Good”. OMO is a brand that promotes an active lifestyle, because playing and getting dirty is crucial for kids’ learning and healthy development. OMO believes that every time kids come back with stains, they’re coming back with experience too.

Our goal was to shed light on the reality of kids’ lives today.

To provoke parents and get them to get their kids off couches and beds, we showed them the reality of their kids’ lives in an unconventional way.

To wake parents up to the fact that kids today are ‘the least active kids ever’ and spend on average 23 hours a day inactive, we created the longest live stream in Facebook’s history; a 23-hour video showing a kid doing absolutely nothing, apart from sleeping, playing video games, checking in on social, watching Netflix and hover-boarding his way to and from the kitchen.

The videos were long and boring for good reason, as they were a live, visual representation of kids’ lives today. Their one purpose was to depict exactly what kids spend their day doing. No exaggeration, just a literal translation based on global research.

Advertising Agency:FP7/McCann, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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