MTV: Ocean Dildos

May 14, 2017Filed under Integrated and Media, Publications

MTV launched a limited series of dildos made from plastic removed from the ocean. With a provocative message, the action is part of the campaign “Don’t f*ck the ocean. Do it with yourself” created by agency Africa that aims at catching the audience’s attention to the huge quantity of plastic waste found in the oceans.

The environmental problem of plastic waste has never been so trendy. Besides being the theme of a United Nations campaign in 2017, current researches reveal alarming data. Every year, 8 million tons of plastic reach the oceans, a number that is responsible for at least 60%** of the waste found in the oceans.

But despite this common knowledge, the problem is only a concern for an increasingly smaller audience. To change this reality, the campaign uses a provocative, new, and impacting tone that conveys the message to MTV’s young audience in a way that doesn’t become “wallpaper”.

Some of the dildos that are produced are being delivered to digital influencers and celebrities engaged in environmental causes, both in Brazil and abroad.

Advertising Agency:Africa, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer:Sergio Gordilho
Executive Creative Director:Ricardo Figueira
Creative Directors:Pedro Bullos, Valdir Bianchi, Sergio Gordilho
Copywriter:Tiago Abreu
Art Director:Linus Oura
Designers:Linus Oura, Marina Cota, Michel Morem
Motion Designer:Matteus Faria, Filipe Birck
Illustrators:Marina Cota, Michel Morem
Project Creative Director:Monique Lopes Lima
Project Managers:Mila Battistoni, Eliot Tosta
Project Producer:Julia Newman
Photography:Rodrigo Pirim
Client Services:Julia Newman
Media:Luiz Fernando Vieira, Rodrigo Famelli, Gabriel Roveri
Planning:Rodrigo Maroni
Digital:Yuri Mussoly
Website Production:Webcore
Product Manufacturer:Hugo Miguel
Print Production:Carla Lustosa, Edson Harada
Art Buyer:Carmen Castillo
Ilustration:Pict Estúdios
Tv Production:Rodrigo Ferrari, Stella Gafo, Eduardo Machado
Production Company:Spray Filmes
Director:Rodrigo Moreira
DoP:Rodrigo Moreira
Editing:Guilherme Akira, Spray Filmes Team
Postproduction:Spray Filmes Team
Sound Design:Big Foote Music
Sound Producers:Chris Jordão
Animation Production Company:Piloto
Animation Directors:Daniel Soro, Alexandre Chalabi
Animation Executive Producer:Natalia Souza
Animators:Ricardo La Bella Simonetti, Nathalia Okimoto, Bruno Del Rey, Estudio Udes
Animation Illustrators:Bruno Miranda, Magenta King
Animation Postproduction Coordinator:Nayla Kols
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