Global 2000: Melon Skull

May 06, 2017Filed under Outdoor, Print and House, Garden

GLOBAL 2000 is Austria’s leading independent environmental protection organization. One of their main issues this year is the fight against pesticides, especially against the most commonly used spray pesticide, carcinogenic Glyphosate. A European Citizens’ Initiative (signature collection) was launched to convince the European Commission to submit a Glyphosate ban in the European Union to voting by the end of 2017.

“Pesticides are designed to kill. They kill insects, rodents, plants, fungus – and us.” In line with this approach we produced posters showing a real watermelon shaped into a human skull. This was our artistic and drastic method to move thousands to log on to and sign the Citizens’ Initiative against pesticides.

Advertising Agency:Pkp Bbdo, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors:Erich Enzenberger, Lukas Handler
Art Director:Marlene Bacher
Copywriters:Erich Enzenberger, Stefan Metzler-Dinhobel
Photographer:Robert Staudinger
Mask Carver:Gunter Aumann
Sculptor:Gunter Aumann
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