Foundation for Women & Children: Stop Tapping

May 06, 2017Filed under PR, Mobile and Public Interest, NGO

Physically abusing a woman is prohibited in every religion. Yet, it happens.    

In Islam, men have been found misuse phrases from religion as a justification for domestic violence; such as “If you want your wife’s attention, you may get it with a light tap.” (Religious verse in Islam) If even a tap hurts one’s wife, it is not acceptable, because Islam commands men to be kind and compassionate to women, and if they hurt a woman, it is said to be hurting God. 

But men misuse the ‘light tap’ as a justification for physical domestic abuse as those light taps escalate and cause serious harm to women. We turned the “Tap” feature of Instagram Stories into a tool against domestic abuse. And showed men that what they misused as a ‘light tap’ was actually domestic abuse. 

Through a woman’s profile, we followed men as they were drawn to visit her profile on Instagram (@lifeof_farah) and uncover her Instagram story by tapping on the Play button. Then, as they tapped through her Instagram story, they saw how a light tap can escalate.

Advertising Agency:FP7/McCann, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Art Director:Yasmina Boustani, Georges El Ten
Regional Head of Strategic Planning:Tahaab Rais
Account Director:Vicky Kriplani
Executive Creative Director:Paul Banham
Senior Creative Director:Oliver Robinson
Design Director:Erol Salcinovic
Plan b:Harmeek Singh, Naveed Pirzada, Sophie Page
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