Enpossible: Goodbye is

May 07, 2017Filed under Online and Agency Self-Promo

Death is very taboo to be talked about, especially in conservative Chinese society. However, death is always happening suddenly, and we are filled with regret because we are not prepared in advance. How to make everyone willing to talk about death, and actively face it? People are good at escaping, but always regret before their loved ones die. Even so, no one has ever solved the problem. Saying goodbye needs to be practiced.

In “Goodbye is”, you can record the words and sounds that you want to say to the person you love and fill out a questionnaire about how you would organize your own farewell. The little girl in the film is actually the grandmother's spirit. She continued to say goodbye to everyone, which means we do not know when life passed away, only to say goodbye to the loved one, we have the opportunity to little regret.

Advertising Agency:Enpossible, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Director:Jojo Lai
Copywriter:Lynn Liao
Visual Designers:Sean Huang, Ainorwei Lin
Digital Director:Rob Parsons
Frontend Developer:Lewis Hsu
BackEnd Developers:Nelly Hua, Zhen Yuan
Marketing Director:Jack Dai
Marketing Planner:Ting-En
Film Director:Ellie Liu
Associate Director:Allen Tsai
Sound & Music:Allen Tsai
Script Writing:Carine Tseng
Producer:Ting Ting Wang
Editor:Ting Ting Wang
Cinematographers:James Wang, Jeremy Tsai
Colorist:Jeremy Tsai
Assistant Cameramen:Chi Lin, A-Wei Yang
Production Assistants:Eve Chen, Ejo Liao, Mei Shin Fan, George Lee, Carine Tseng
Motion Graphic:George Lee
Art Design:Mei Shin Fan
Voice:Zhan Wen Chiu
BTS Shooting:Ejo Liao
BTS Editor:Chi Lin
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