Dr. Giorgini Brain Booster: Because you never know


A bad day for your boss? Ask him a pay rise. In the last film by DLVBBDO, produced by Filmgood, directed by Igor Borghi, with the original soundtrack by Enzo Casucci, an unaware employee brings to life a very simple but powerful insight: as we cannot avoid the unexpected, the only solution is to be prepared to face it. 

This is why Dr. Giorgini Martino has created a natural supplement that combines phosphorus, vitamins, iron, zinc and iodine, that helps to stay focused and improve mental performances, in order to take on the most difficult situations. And this is exactly what our protagonist needs when after 9 years of waiting, thought he’s found the right moment to ask his boss a pay rise. What he didn’t know was that his boss just experienced one of the worst mornings of his life. 

What could our man need, if not a great mental alertness and the right energy to face it? And here’s where Dr. Giorgini brain booster plays its role. Dr. Giorgini, a well-known natural medicine brand with over 40 years experience and 5400 points of sales in Italy, wanted to expand its offer to a European market, with its e-commerce that now counts more than 1000 products.


Advertising Agency:DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy
Ecd:Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Creative Director:Andrea Jaccarino
Art Director:Alessandro Dore
Copywriter:Veronica Dal Cortivo
Director:Igor Borghi
DoP:Luigi Martinucci
Production Company:FILMGOOD
Executive Producer:Pierangelo Spina
Producer:Michele Pasini
Scenography:Fabrizio Moschini
Editing:Lorenzo Colugnati
Sound Design:Sample
Sound Mixer:Alessandro Boscolo
Stylist:Giulia Tagliaferri
Composer:Enzo Casucci
Singer:Milo Scaglioni
Chorister:Silvia Pinto
Grading:Giorgia Meacci
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