Copenhagen Pride: Gender Free Internet

May 01, 2017Filed under Media and Public Interest, NGO

Denmark is one of the first countries in the world to stop defining being transgender as a mental illness. But the gender struggle does not end there.

With Gender Free Internet Copenhagen Pride give people all over the world respect and recognition by making it possible to surf the Internet without being confronted with the discrimination of gender boxes. The future is gender free, and it starts with a Gender Free Internet.

Advertising Agency:Uncle Grey, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director:Thomas Ilum
Creatives:Christoffer Gøtzsche, Oscar Olson, Thiago Silva
Copywriter:Sophie Hotchkiss
Digital Producer:David Cytryn
Social Strategist:Patrick Poulsen
Account Director:Charlotte Porsager
Development:WM Creative Labs
Film Production:Look At Me Now
Sound Design:Freezone
Seeding:Anna Taussi, Rasmus Mikkelsen, BeOn
Pr:Anna Taussi, Rasmus Mikkelsen, BeOn
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