98FM: Safety Bike Radio

May 16, 2017Filed under Radio and Electronics, Technology

Through a portable radio transmitter, able to interfere in the radio frequency up to a 30 meters range, cyclists can warn drivers about their presence, ending the accidents caused by inattention, especially when cyclists are on the drivers' blind spot.

Anybody can access the instructions on the website to build its own Safety Bike Radio.

An App allows users to record their own messages and even transmit live.

Advertising Agency:Isobar, Brasília, Brazil
Executive Creative Director:Mateus Braga
Copywriter:Erick Moneró
Art Director:Paulo Ribas
Director:Thiago Sassioto
Vp Of Operations:Eliel Allebrandt
Creative Directors:Filipe Braga, Alex Coelho
Designers:Moisés Amaral, Yuri Coppe
Ux Designer:Nathália Alves
Executive Producer:Rafael Santos
Director Assistant:Celso de Medeiros
DoP:Geronimo Lessa, Cristiano Santos
Producers:Shirley Okubo, Gilmar Lopes, Nidevaldo Alecrim
Sound Design:Marcus Panda
Motion Designer:Lucas Rodrigues
Musical Director:Lucas Duque
Mixing:Geraldo Cortês
Editing:Geraldo Cortês
Voiceover:Geraldo Cortês, Manuela Thomas
Locution:Geraldo Cortês, Manuela Thomas
Account Executive:Felipe Lopes
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