Sea Eye: Schlepperkönig

April 05, 2017Filed under Online and Public Interest, NGO

Five thousand people have drowned in 2016 in the Mediterranean Sea while fleeing their countries, but this horror is not taken seriously anymore among young europeans. We announced a game about the drama in the Mediterranean Sea. We promoted the game called 'Schlepperkönig' (king of the human trafficker) on Facebook. This caused enormous outrage, Austria's biggest newspapers reported. German and Swiss newspapers also hopped on the train. When the attention reached its peak, we showed the real scandal: The fact that a game causes more disgust than 5,000 drowned.

No game is more brutal than reality.

Advertising Agency:Virtual Identity, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors:Jakob Wurzl, Christoph Hofbauer
Art Director:Klaus Seethaler
Project Manager:Sandra Ulrich
Pr:Thomas Bischof, Hans-Peter Buschheuer, Sea Eye
Graphic Designer:Roberto Krainz
Social media seeding:Katharina Landtrachtinger
Content Trainee:Patricia Wist
Trailer Design:Philipp Comarella, Matthias Heckesteiner, Salon Alpin
Sound:Fifth Music
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