Move Institute Pet Adoption: PetBox

April 13, 2017Filed under Media, Design, Online, Public Interest, NGO and Pets

An anti-consumerism campaign for the animal protection NGO Move Institute. The initiative encourages people who want to have a pet to adopt instead of buying one. With the concept “Don’t buy a friend. Adopt it”, the campaign critiques and calls attention to the growing pet trade in Brazil. In a commercial center filled with people, cardboard boxes in the shape of cats and dogs were placed as if they were products the client could take home. The intent was to capture the reality of how pets are treated, that they are commercialized and sold like products every year. Along with an image of the animal stamped onto the box was the message “Don’t buy a friend. Adopt it”,

Advertising Agency:Neogama/BBH, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director:Fabio Mozeli, Marcio Ribas 
Art Director:Fabio Queiroz, Fernando Patucci, Luis Paulo Gatti
Copywriter:Lígia Mendes
Produce Company:Primitivo
Director:Roberto Studart
Executive Production:Eduardo Sampaio
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