Hershey’s Chocolates: Eaternet

April 08, 2017Filed under Online and Food

The young watch, read, breath, wake up and sleep online. For the first time in history, a brand create the opportunity of eating the internet. We've transformed in chocolate a whole website for the EATERNET campaign - Open your mouth and eat the website. A real website, with real chocolate, to really eat it. The big idea was to turn things that people 

love in pieces of the website with 1,5 kg of chocolate. The website changed everyday with new pieces, and to participate, the young had to buy Hershey’s, register and bite the site. The piece that was clicked, if awarded, was delivered in its home.

With a constant usage of search and performance tools with data gathering, we’ve selected everything that Brazilian youth most love on internet. From songs, memes and movies to fashion, travels, news and horoscope. We transformed all this data in 1,5 kg chocolate pieces of all flavors and put them to be clicked on the website, both on desktop or mobile versions. With a fresh approach and, as an integrated campaign, the first contact with the user came on the product packaging which informed the opportunity to “bite” the website. Speaking in young language, have you ever seen a brand who had the punch to make a chocolate emoji poop? It says a lot about our kind of approach.

Advertising Agency:Aktuellmix, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Partners:Rodrigo Rivellino, Celio Ashcar Jr.
Chief Creative Officer:Fabio Mergulhão
Creative Director:Fabio Moran
Creative Managing:Érica Igue, Tom Soraire
Art Director:Fabio Moran, Leandro Calado, Wirley Almeida, Tom Soraire, Rodrigo Caetano
Copywriter:Érica Igue
Strategic Planning:Gabriel Boaventura, Vitor Tanabe
Business VP:Mario Medina
Account Director:Juliana Pileggi
Account Manager:Lucas Tagliani, Julia Audi
Executive Production:Priscila Villa, Rodrigo Niro, Camila Ciffani
Print Production:Rodrigo Merigue, Amanda Xavier
Media:Marcos Bittencourt, Gabriel Barreto, Nathália Cantalejo
Product design:Juliano Bortolin, Luiz Fernando Haddad
Photography:Wirley Almeida
Product Concept Design:Carlo Giovanni
Illustration:Fabio Moran, Felipe Lopes, Gelmi Studio
Film:Fuego, Bolha
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