Garnier x Unicef: Tutorial


GARNIER x UNICEF x BUZZMAN: KNOWLEDGE IS NOT ALWAYS ENOUGH Garnier (L’Oréal Group) is committed to support UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) programs which help children in humanitarian emergency situations. Through a powerful awareness film directed by Bruno Aveillan, the brand takes a stand with Buzzman against hygiene access problems. 

Each year, 1.4 million children die from diseases that could be prevented with hand-washing. A health emergency situation highlighted by the Director Bruno Aveillan in a film: “Tutorial”. "Thoroughly wet your hands with water"; "Take the soap"; "Rub your two palms together" ... 

The film shows children testifying and miming the necessary steps to wash one’s hands. Easy enough gestures but only if you have access to water and soap... Which they cruelly lack. They have the knowledge, they’re just missing everything else. These daily gestures can actually save lives and that’s why Garnier financially supports these populations in humanitarian distress by providing, among others, hygiene kits necessary to their survival and well-being. 

Providing necessary goods such as basic hygiene products is part of the brand’s global support to UNICEF. Garnier commitment will provide financial support to UNICEF emergency program and allow for instance the distribution of games, educative materials and the implementation of Child friendly spaces for psychological support, medical treatments, nutrition advices but also educative activities. The web film will air in France, the UK and the USA as consumers will be invited to donate on

Advertising Agency:Buzzman, Paris, France
Creative Director:Georges Mohammed-Cherif
Art Director:Julien Doucet
Copywriter:Lilian Moine
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