Euromelanoma Foundation: Skin Memories

April 27, 2017Filed under Media, Promo, PR and Health, Beauty

Skin cancer is easy to avoid and detect. Still, every 54 minutes someone dies from it, because we forget to check our skin. But we do check our Facebook timeline. Constantly. So BBDO developed Skin Memories. Patches, distributed through all Belgian pharmacies. People can get a free patch, put it on a skin mark, take a picture and post it on Facebook. Facebook Memories will automatically show them the same picture again. Year after year. In public or private. Remembering them to check their skin and helping them to measure the growth and evolution of their skin marks. In addition, the #SkinMemories posts themselves will contribute to a strong awareness effect and behavior change.

Advertising Agency:BBDO, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director:Klaartje Galle, Sebastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz
Creatives:Klaartje Galle, Gertjan De Smet, Frederic Clarysse, Morgane Choppinet, Toon Vanpoucke
Production Company:BBDO Belgium
Production Company Creatives:Gertjan De Smet, Frederik Clarysse
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