Crosscall Trekker X3: Nature's Eyes

April 07, 2017Filed under Online and Electronics, Technology

To film ‘Nature’s Eyes’ we travelled to the remotest parts of our planet to meet Botei and Kuja, two men living in true harmony with nature. We followed the rhythms of nature along with eagle hunter Botei and his family in the Mongolian Steppes, then discovered the uniquely preserved traditions of Kuja and his family in the uncorrupted forests of the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

The nomadic lifestyle of the eagle hunters of Western Mongolia is a dying yet proudly-upheld tradition. The practice of hunting with eagles is passed down from father to son. Botei, whose life we get a glimpse of in the film, has inherited the tradition from seven generations of ancestors, yet in his village there are now only a dozen other people who practice it. Botei and his family life a nomadic lifestyle, travelling across the Mongolian Steppes with their seven hundred animals about four times a year according to the seasons. 

The Achuar people of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest have lived according to their traditional way of life for many centuries. They exist completely independent of consumerist modern society, relying purely on the natural world for everything they need. Kuja and his family learned from their ancestors how to live in harmony with the forest to build their homes, make tools, fish in the river and work the fields. ‘Nature’s Eyes' by director Fabien Ecochard was part of Outdoor Mobile Technology brand Crosscall’s web campaign aiming to share an insight into the extraordinary lives of Botei and Kuja with the rest of the world to inspire people to reconnect with nature.

Advertising Agency:Leo Burnett Paris, France
Creative Director:David Martin
Art Director:Mohamed Bareche
Copywriter:Edward Chisholm
Associate Creative Director:Kurt Novack
Tv Producer:Martine Joly
Account Director:Olivier Quiviger
Production Company:Troublemakers.Tv
Director:Fabien Ecochard
Producer:James Hagger
Production Coordinator:Felipe Bernard
Production Assistant:Rebecca Oxland-Isles
Fixers:Agii Maksum & Ogii Odgerel, Ivan Suarez, Julian Larrea
Director Of Photography:Fabien Ecochard, Julien Petit
Sound Recordist:Kerwin Rolland
Drone Operator:Nifty
Editor:Romain Boileau
Colourist:Muriel Archambaud
Assistant Colourist:François Miens
Nuke Compositor:Raphaël Thibault
Music Mix:Kerwin Rolland & Stefan Vogel
Eagle Hunter:Botei Iris Ergalim
Achuar:Kuja Mashiant
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