Cointreau: Haute Couture, Boeuf Bourguignon, Chaise Longue

April 13, 2017Filed under Print and Alcoholic Drinks

Czech language is not an easy language. And for foreigners, trying to pronounce words with 4 consecutive consonants can be challenging to say the least. 

The interesting fact is that the reciprocity is also valid – Czechs are having trouble to pronounce some of the fancy French names. 

Words like Louboutin or boeuf bourguignon are as hard to pronounce by the Czechs as Cointreau is. 

Hence our idea of turning the hard-to-pronounce challenge of our brand into a sign of a fancier belonging. 

This campaign not just teaches our customers how to pronounce Cointreau, but also turns this disadvantage into a benefit, that gives the brand a hallmark of luxury.

Advertising Agency:McCann, Prague, Czech Republic
Chief Creative Officer:Razvan Capanescu
Group Creative Director:Klára Palmer, Jan Benda
Art Director:Joseph Martin
Copywriter:Jan Benda
Dtp:Benjamin Mulderer
Coo:Martina Hejdova
Group Account Director:Martin Petrásek
Account Director:Hana Prokopová
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