Carta Capital Magazine: Mugabe, Kim, Assad

April 27, 2017Filed under Print and Media, Publications

According to the UN report, the world is facing the worst humanitarian crisis of the century. The number of refugees fleeing their countries due to internal conflicts, wars, political persecution and terrorism reaches 65.3 million people. When they find safety in another country, many of them are victims of prejudice or live in subhuman conditions. 

It was to combat this sad reality that thousands of Carta Capital magazine subscribers received their copies in a surprising way. In an unprecedented partnership, they are receiving their copies at home with the labels with their data covering the mouths of the world's greatest dictators, along with a strong message: "Your signature can silence oppression." 

The idea, created by agency Propeg, came to publicize the partnership between Carta Capital magazine and the NGO Migraflix, which allocates part of the resources of the magazine's subscriptions to projects that integrate refugees socially and economically through entrepreneurship and the diffusion of their cultures. A campaign that silenced dictators and gave voice to the refugees.

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