Mind Your World: How to curse around the world

March 13, 2017Filed under Film and Public Interest, NGO

When we curse or insult, regardless of where we are from, we mostly do it in female terms. We were surprised to discover that this issue happens all over the world: from Canada, to France and China. Without noticing it, by cursing we are making statements we might not agree with. If we want to hurt a woman, we call her out by being easy or cheap, always measuring her value towards men. When we curse at men, we always attack their manhood by calling them a "pussy" or a "motherfucker", never a "fatherfucker". Also, most of the cursing terms have something in common: they always refer to moms, sisters and daughters being treated as property men can own. Moreover, female genitalia is being violently mentioned and dismissed. This issue made us realize the underlying kind of violence that is incorporated in our daily lives goes unnoticed.

Creatives:Harshmeet Kholi, Larissa Vaz, Daniela Varela
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