Unilever SKIP: OutSkip


Valentine's Day is a date that all the couples in the world celebrate the union between them and why not make this date a date to make a new couple and not just celebrate the armed couples? Skip the brand that takes care of the clothes demonstrating the love for the clothes with the care of each one takes care of the way each one has to be taken care of and why not to make pairs demonstrating the love for the clothes? Skip makes that day a day of making love couples out of clothes.

Advertising Agency:Athos, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Creative Director:Fernando Fernandes, Pablo Leiva, Bianca Ugalde, JOHNNY REEP
Art Director:Noé Apéstegui, Mauro Sanjines, Jairo Méndez
Copywriter:Josue Nuñez
Additional Credits:Bruno Gonzalez
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