Monólogo: Monologueando

February 13, 2017Filed under Online and Alcoholic Drinks

‘Monologueando’ is a social campaign in which we built bridges between the online and offline worlds. This was done within the strategic framework that we have defined since our inception as Fandomaking: in which we design frameworks for action with the goal that fans of a brand help us create the project itself. A philosophy and a way of work that we sum up with one phrase: “We don’t want to sell the bike to anyone, what we seek is their help to build it.”

Based on the naming of the brand itself, this project began with a simple question: would it be possible to write a book between many people? For example, with 150 different authors?

In order to answer it, we started a campaign on Twitter (the perfect platform for monologues) in which, through hashtag #monologueando, fans of the brand have share with us their particular view of the world: their ideas, their thoughts, their creativity and everything that makes them different from everyone else.

Among the thousands of proposals received, 150 were selected to be typeset in colourful quotes. A use of colour and art direction that has become one of the brand’s hallmarks.

With these 150 quotes, we designed a book, published in June 2016, and created an online platform for its viewing, through which users can also download a digital edition of the book using the ‘Pay with a tweet ‘ method.

Advertising Agency:THIS is UMAMI, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors:Maider Mendaza, Adrià Rosell
Art Director:Maider Mendaza
Photography:Maider Mendaza
Copywriter:Adrià Rosell
Designers:Maider Mendaza, Anna Subirós, Ivette Pérez
2D Animation:Wyz Borrero
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