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February 26, 2017Filed under Print and Public Interest, NGO

KWS ranger recruitment drive. Increased poaching of wildlife in Kenya has seen increased methods of poaching. The most common is use of lethal arrows, where poachers hide away from unsuspecting wildlife and rangers, ready to kill and harvest ivory horns from our wildlife assets.
It is important to note there are only three white rhinos left in the world! and currently under 24 hour ranger protection.. Poaching in Africa has decimated numbers of rare species and is projected in the near future, we will have no wildlife to boast of. Tourism is the highest earner for Kenya and thus the need to recruit the best to save our country;s heritage.
A good ranger needs to spot hidden poachers in our forests. This also helped create awareness of the bleak future we face as a country!

Spot the poacher.

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