Child Focus: Coins of hope

February 16, 2017Filed under Direct Marketing and Public Interest, NGO

In Europe, every two minutes a child is reported missing. Some of them remain missing for years. Eventually we forget their faces. Child Focus, the Belgian Center for Missing Children, never stops helping the families in their search and getting others involved. To spread hope for all missing children, we designed and created Coins of Hope. One million 2 euro coins with the face of a missing child: Liam Vanden Branden, who has been missing for 20 years, but whose family has never lost hope. On International Missing Children's Day, we brought the Coins of Hope into circulation. Through Coins of Hope, we spread hope for every missing child, from hand to hand. It's a new and permanent medium with infinite impressions across the Eurozone.

Advertising Agency:These Days, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Directors:Manuel Ostyn, Pieter Staes, Sam De Volder, Mateusz Mroszczak
Art Director:Kate Bellefroid
Copywriter:Jolien Tuyteleers
Design Director:Max Heirbaut
Designers:Inge Vanhees, Lotte Neirynck
Account managers:Seppe Dogge, Jentina Van Eynde
Project Manager:Claudio Capo
Chief Strategy Officer:Toon Diependaele
Strategic Planners:Katleen De Vlieger, Jef Raeman
Senior Front End Developer:Bram Verdyck
Developer:Veerle Struyf
Frontend Developer:Jill Van Reeth
Technology Officer:Olivier Berger
Solution Architect:Stijn Janssens
Ux Designer:Krisje Verbert
Performance:Niky Patyn
Content Marketing:Geerlinde Pevenage
Social Media Director:Geerlinde Pevenage
Rtv Producer:Annelies Deneckere, Ingeborg Van Hoof
Sound Engineer:Mathias Lewis, Eli Sundermann
3d Production:Creative Conspracy
Film Production:Vice
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