Björn Borg: The Twitter punching bag

February 16, 2017Filed under Media and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Swedish agency Round & Round launch e Valentines campaign for Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg today. The campaign encourages everyone to stop insults and the current tonality on social media, and instead start to spread love.

Many have felt uneasy about the dark rivalry between first and foremost political antagonists as of late. What’s with the UK and the EU for instance? Trump and Clinton? Nationalism vs. globalism? And the tone on Twitter has reached new levels when it comes to hate and insults. But why? Rivalry doesn’t have to be gruff. Our rivals make us better, keep us on our toes and are the main reason to our success. A classic rivalry within sports is the one between Björn Borg and John McEnroe – two of the best tennis players in history. On court bitter rivals, but off court, dear friends for a lifetime with the deepest respect for one another.

On Valentine’s Day, Björn Borg also presents the world’s first Twitter Punching Bag. This is an interactive punching bag with a printed alphabet, and it’s connected to Twitter. Each letter is touch sensitive, and a punch is one letter in a tweet. The first tweet from this punching bag comes directly from Henrik Bunge, CEO of Björn Borg and it’s sent to Mark Parker, CEO of Nike.

Advertising Agency:Round & Round, Sweden
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