American Excellence Medical Centre: The chosen one, Relief, Prosperity

February 17, 2017Filed under Print and Health, Beauty

Our challenge was to remind people of the magnitude of difference they can make by donating blood. Our idea sprung from two powerful insights in the Arabic language. The use of the phrase “a dot of blood” which translates to “a drop of blood” in English. And the use of the diacritic dot, in written Arabic, which can change the meaning of a word. Using these insights, we placed a “dot of blood” to change negative words into positive words; a literary demonstration of the powerful difference that blood donation can make.

Advertising Agency:Publicis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Creative Directors:Jan Leube, Husen Baba, Vijay Simon
Art Directors:Husen Baba, Haitham Medhat
Copywriter:Haitham Medhat
Arabic Calligrapher:Eduard Dimasov
Account Manager:Rola Haddad
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