du: Post wisely

January 21, 2017Filed under Film and Electronics, Technology

We live in a world where social media has become an integral means of communication. These channels have opened the doors to reunite with old friends and share our updates and happy moments with them.

Today, people have taken social media usage to a new level, where they tend to overshare their personal information and details of their daily routine – not realizing how much information is too much. For example, they’ve got a vacation coming up, a new car, a new born child and other moments they’d like to share with everyone - everyone including people they don’t know very well. The problem is, we really don’t know who is monitoring our lives on social media and who might take advantage of the collected information that could harm us.

Most of the social media users in the UAE rarely think about the risks involved when sharing sensitive personal details online. Recent statistics reveal that 2 in 5 people in the UAE are victims of cybercrimes.

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