WWF: Iceberg Bird, Iceberg Deer, Iceberg Lizard

October 27, 2016Filed under Print and Public Interest, NGO

The Philippines is roughly 5,700 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle. The problem of melting ice caps is not really a cause for alarm for tropical countries like the Philippines who see no immediate threat. However, studies have revealed that sea levels in the Philippines have risen by an average of 14.7 millimeters per year. As a result, valuable land mass are slowly dissapearing. Land that animals and creatures depend on for food and habitat.

The aim of the campaign is to bring awareness of the repercussions of melting ice caps. That even though this is happening thousands of kilometers away, its devastating effects have now reached Philippine shores.

The Idea:To show how melting ice directly affected local wildlife, the “icebergs” in the posters actually formed noses, beaks, and nostrils of animals struggling to stay above water.

The Results:After a period of two months, awareness for the campaign was measured at 22% in schools and 14% in communities where they were placed and helped increase traffic to the WWF Philippines website where more information about this and other environmental issues are housed.

Advertising Agency:Leo Burnett, Manila, Philippines
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