Stockholm Tag: The Train Brain

October 19, 2016Filed under Promo, Online and Transport, Tourism

The brief: Sweden has long underinvested in its rail network, which creates delays. We needed to turn around a negative news spiral and give passengers better traffic information. But could we go one step further? Could we make the commuter trains more punctual?

The solution: In collaboration with a data scientist, we developed an algorithm that converts the huge amounts of data that commuter trains generate into forecasts of potential. This gives traffic controllers a highly improved decision-making tool that reduces the length of delays in the commuter network.

The Train Brain is a completely unique service in traffic planning. When trains are delayed, the “Train Brain” predicts the correct departure time 20 times more often than existing traffic information. Although developed for the commuter trains in Stockholm, the technology can be applied to all types of public transportation in any city.

Advertising Agency:Kärnhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
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