Hövding: Hövding: Give a Beep

October 19, 2016Filed under Media, Promo, PR and Public Interest, NGO

Do like Merlin and 500 other cyclists and start giving a *beep* about cycling safety in London. Engage at http://giveabeep.org/

Too many of our fellow cyclists have grown accustomed to the risks associated with commuting in London.

We need new ways to channel the frustration that follows. Inspired by the good ol’ lifesaver, the bicycle bell, we saw the opportunity of creating a new tool. A tool that would not only save your life, but the lives of other people too.

Together with London Cycling Campaign we’ve handed out 500 connected buttons to kickstart this movement created by Hövding, an innovator in cycling safety and creator of the airbag for urban cyclists.

Advertising Agency:Edelman Deportivo, Stockholm, Sweden
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