Gatorade: Sweat it to get it

October 06, 2016Filed under Media and Non-alcoholic Drinks

Gatorade helps replace what you lose in sweat, we created a vending machine that makes you earn your Gatorade with your sweat.

The machine encouraged users to first work up a sweat by doing any physical activity like running or jumping jacks and then stand in front of the machine. If a user is sweating enough, the machine automatically dispensed a Gatorade!

We used Thermal Imaging to assess a user’s body heat. When it reached a pre-determined threshold, the machine dispensed a Gatorade.

Advertising Agency:Dentsu Webchutney, New Delhi, India
Chief Creative Technologist:Gurbaksh Singh
Group Head:Nitin Jain
Senior UI Designer:Abdullah Khan
Video Production:Akshay Raheja, Rahul Lal
Additional Credits:Hemant Kumar, Moosa Khan, Akshay Anand
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