#Workmode: Life is short

September 07, 2016Filed under Online and Other

“Life is short. Work somewhere awesome”. That’s the motto for #Workmode, the creative office for online influencers in the heart of Amsterdam. The video commercial was filmed and post-produced to give the impression to the viewer that is interesting working at this kind of office, because people create bonds after that. Therefore, we (Mr. Frank) follow the girls from #Workmode on a typically mischievous night out. The four girls appear that they’re having fun, discovering the city at night and laughing with each other. Part of that conception is made by the cool song we hear along this commercial, and by the images that were rapidly-edited with that purpose.

Advertising Agency:Mr.Frank, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director:Mr. Frank
Photographer:Max Maloney
Line Producer:Emilie Sobels
Camera:Felix Mulder
Lighting:Felix Mulder
Editing:Sjoerd Dekker
Additional Production:Thom van der Veen
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