The Speaking Fireworks


“The Speaking Fireworks,” a headphone system created by, along with advertising agency Area 23, employs cutting edge audio-interference technology to help bring American war veterans with PTSD back to the vibrant shows that celebrate their sacrifices for our freedom. Loud noises that sound similar to the blasts from artillery and other machines of war are one of the most common trigger of the crippling effects of PTSD. 

Through an immersive sound experience, the technology detects and transforms the loud reports from the firework blast into statements of gratitude. The statements are crowdsourced and can be recorded by the public on 

The technology is currently a working prototype, with the partnership hoping to manufacture the product and make it affordable and easily available to any veteran that needs it. The partnership will be joining with Global Giving to crowdsource different stages of the project.

Advertising Agency:Area 23, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director:Tim Hawkey
Vp:Bernardo Romero, Jesse Kates, Ronnie Caltabiano
Creative Directors:Bernardo Romero, Jesse Kates
Associate Creative Director:Ronnie Caltabiano
Copywriter:Tim Hawkey, Jesse Kates
Art Director:Bernardo Romero
Designer:Bernardo Romero
Director:Stefano Ferrari
Executive Producer:Anna Lopez
Video:Ronnie Caltabiano
Sound Editing:Ronnie Caltabiano
Colorist:Out of the Blue
Sounds Design and Mix:Sonido
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