MasterCard: A Priceless Delivery


The crisis in the Middle East has led to many displaced families along with many more underprivileged children. And delivery of food to these areas faces many obstacles and challenges.   

People want to help, but sometimes the gulf between those who have and those who need is too wide, leading to people feeling unable to help the many displaced families and the many children who are left in dire circumstances.   

MasterCard wanted to help people feel like they could actually help too.   So, MasterCard Priceless Causes partnered with Salma, an innovation in food relief, that sources high-quality and securely-packaged food.   

And we set up an interactive wall in the heart of Dubai, in Dubai Mall, creating an innovative, immersive and priceless experience; where we helped people feel as well as see the direct impact of their contributions. All they had to do was buy a meal for AED 10 and metaphorically deliver it to the children through the interactive wall.   

It was a priceless experience as we saw people get surprised, emotional and feel more for the cause, hence, give more to the cause.

Advertising Agency:FP7/DXB, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Regional Head of Strategic Planning:Tahaab Rais
General Manager – Business Unit:Spiro Malak
Senior Strategic Planner:Sameer Islam
Executive Creative Director:Paul Banham
Creative Director:Josephine Younes, Nayaab Rais
Account Director:Deblina Gupta
Account Manager:Razan Jalloul
Business Director:Anis Zantout
Creative Technologist:Sooraj TR, Larry Gueco
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