Zona Sul Supermarket: Fresh Garden

June 02, 2016Filed under Media, PR and Retail Services

The growing consumer demand for healthier food is directly reflected in the offering of fresh, sustainable and local products. Having that in mind, and  caring for a highly selected range of providers, Zona Sul, a big supermarket chain based in Rio de Janeiro, decided to highlight its differentiated offering by transforming its shelves in the fruit & vegetable section into fresh vegetable gardens.   

The consumers were invited to pick their choice of vegetables directly from the Earth – among the offering were lettuce, basil, peper and scallion. Small signages among the shelves said: “When serving it at home you may proudly say: I picked it up”, or “We plant and take care. You only need to pick it up”.

Advertising Agency:WMcCann, Sao Paulo, Brazil
CCO:Washington Olivetto
Creative Vp:Guime Davidson
Creative Director:Fábio Onofre, Nicolas Romano
Creatives:Gabriel Gil, Bruno Mukai
Account Service:Gabriela Arroyo, Suzana Machado, Isabela Fogaça and Gustavo Tupinambá
Production VP:Marcelo Hack
Graphic Production:Reginaldo Barbosa
Designer:Bruno Mukai
Project Manager:Karina Rios
Client Approval:Alexandre Alves
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