RAY - Finland's Slot Machine Association: All In For Finland


Finland's Slot Machine Association RAY, established in 1938, is a casino and slot-machine monopoly in Finland. All profits (over 42M in 2016) from RAY games go to the well-being of Finns; to the elderly, disabled, homeless, health organizations, veterans of war and so on. 

Humbled by the country's political history for one, Finns still today struggle to see the beauty in many of their extraordinary ways. One of these being the very unique slot- and casino-gaming system. To open up the nations eyes to this particularity, we tapped on a common Finnish personality trait; 'It takes a foreigner to admire or challenge a Finnish peculiarity for a Finn to be truly proud of it'. 


Welcome the self-absorbed Mr. Diamond who, in his ignorance, disregards the Finnish ways, only to become the very 'vessel' to make this Nordic nation to once again see the beauty of it's very special gaming system.

So what would the world be like if, like in Finland, all Casino's around the globe were operated in plain good will and were guided by pure unselfish principles? Game on world, game on America. Yours truly, RAY – Good Will Games And Casinos – All in for Finland Since 1938. Campaign home: https://www.ray.fi/suomesta

Advertising Agency:Avaus, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director:Jyrki Poutanen
Concept Designer:Tuukka Paikkari, Tiina Kaakkunen
Art Director:Tuukka Paikkari
Copywriter:Tiina Kaakkunen
Junior Copywriter:Joonas Kuisma
Graphic Designer:Teppo Haste, Heini Ruuskanen
Motion Designer:Maarit Pohjanpalo
Content Manager:Mia Rusila
Project Director:Mia Luostarinen
Content Strategist:Mia Luostarinen
Account Manager:Anna Hakkarainen
Head of marketing and customer relations:Sanna Pietiäinen, Ray
Marketing Manager:Tommi Viitala
Director:Anssi Määttä
Producer:Hannu Kalliolahti, Anna Nuru, Hanna Kaikula
DoP:Juho Vesanen
Costume Designer:Kaisu Hölttä
Makeup:Mari Vaalasranta
Editor:Matti Vesanen
Color Grading & Post Production:Petri Falkenberg, GradeOne
Sound Design:Lassi Vierimaa, Silencio
Production Service Company:Silver State Productions
Photography:Olli Häkkinen
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