Petrobras Gas Station: Street Clock Bike Pumps

June 11, 2016Filed under Media, Outdoor and Industrial, Agriculture

Traffic is a big problem in Brazilian cities. Of the 10 most gridlocked cities in the world, 3 are in Brazil. How does a brand perceived to be part of the problem can be seen as part of the solution? Petrobras Gas Stations, the largest retailer of these sector in Brazil with more than 5.000 stores, brought a service people are used to finding at gas stations to major bike paths around the city. An outdoor media transformed into a new service for cyclists. A little piece of their gas stations away from their gas stations.


Advertising Agency:Nbs, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer:André Lima
Executive Creative Director:Carlos Andre Eyer
Creative Director:Eduardo Almeida
Art Director:Bernardo Cople, Arthur Pires, Rodrigo Ribeiro
Art Direction Assistant:Leticia Manela
Copywriter:Milena Zindeluk, Felipe Mendes, Bruno Pinaud, Rodrigo Dorfman
Media Director:Fátima Rendeiro
Media Manager:Luisa Bernardes, Luciana Daltro, Camila Araújo, Julia Esteves, Dayse Pereira, Priscilla Menezes
Account Director:Antonino Brandão, Tatiana Soter
Account Manager:Danielle Portela, Denise Rodrigues
Account Executive:Carla Kahawaii, Priscila Testahy, Andrea Barcelos
Planning Director:Paula Lagrotta
Planning Manager:Bruno Altieri
Planner:Bruna Pastorini
Production Manager:Alvaro Edir
Project Manager:Teca Vilaça, Natália Albuquerque
Production film:Visorama, Cinerama Brasilis
Media Placement:Clear Channel Brasil
Additional Company:Agencia A Vera
Client:Monica Vicencio, Sylvia Sampaio Lopo, Luis Fernando Meinicke, Vinicius Mol, Andrea Paz, Ana Claudia Mattos, Gabriela Coelho, Paula Moraes
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