Midas: Look you in the eye

June 01, 2016Filed under PR, Online and Automotive

According to a study released by the Spanish Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) 6 in 10 people think that mechanics tell lies. This belief grew during the economic crisis, when society became more suspicious of car maintenance workshops.At Midas, transparency and sincerity have always been part of our DNA. How could we prove to consumers that our mechanics tell the truth? We found a creative strategy no other brand had ever done before.

When you want to know if someone is lying you ask them to “look you in the eye”. That was our starting point.
At www.theeyesthatdontlie.com (www.losojosquenomienten.com) 20 Midas mechanics volunteered to look the best lie detector in the world “in the eye”. We brought EyeDetect, an advanced pupil-analysis-based lie detection system used by the FBI, to Europe for the first time.

The campaign was a success. Confidence in Midas increased by 28.6%, putting us 34 points ahead of the competition. After the campaign, we climbed from 4th to 1st position as the favourite vehicle maintenance brand, ahead of Official Dealerships. 

• 220K eyes saw the website
• More than 80K saw the campaign videos
• More than 100 national and international media mentions
• An estimated audience of 25.6 million
• EARNED MEDIA of 2.25 million
• Increased sales of 5.1% over 2015
• Total campaign cost: €81,035 

Advertising Agency:Proximity, Madrid, Spain
General Creative Director:Eva Santos
Executive Creative Director:Susana Perez Bermejo
Creative Director:Pilar de Giles López
Creative Supervisor:Francisco Cuadrado
Copywriter:Raul Somaza, Francisco Cuadrado, Nestor Jimenez, Fernando Esteban, Sacramento Martinez
Art Director:Daniel Sanchez, José Luis Díez
Graphic Production Director:Gemma Selga, Astriz Menéndez
Video and photography:Elias Maldonado, Teresa Muñoz
Creative Technology Director:Víctor Madueño
Systems Technology Director:Rafael Zafra Polo
Service Client Director:Cristina Esteras
Account Director:Erika Martín
Account Executive:Lidia del Puerto
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