Hershey's: Mr. Goodbar For President

June 07, 2016Filed under Outdoor, Print, Food and Confectionery, Snacks

While Hershey’s has become an internationally household name, the same can’t be said of all the brands it umbrellas. One unsung Hershey’s bar is the Mr. Goodbar. With the presidential election reaching its pinnacle, they took advantage of this natural and resounding buzz to increase awareness, brand recognition, and sales for Mr. Goodbar. Personified by his characteristic yellow suit, Mr. Goodbar takes the taboo out of politics. He is the candidate everyone can all agree on. And with the unabashedly expressed and overwhelming discontentment towards those currently in the running, the public is in need of this satisfying alternative.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Director:Alex Krahling, Stephanie Armstrong
Copywriter:Lindsi Arrington
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