Radio Metropole: RMS - Radio Message Service


Meet RMS - Radio Message Service The idea that uses radio broadcasts as text messages readers. In Brazil, using cell phones while driving is the leading cause of car crashes, exceeding even alcohol-related ones. 

That's why, given the alarming number of accidents caused by texting while driving, Radio Metropole, a public service radio station from Brazil, asked Propeg to create a campaign that encourages people to never send messages to friends, colleagues or relatives who could be behind the wheel. 

"No one better than the radio, that is side-by-side daily with drivers, to raise this flag" - says Mario Kertész, founder and announcer of the station. But the agency went beyond. More than a campaign, it was created a public utility service. That's how was born RMS - Radio Message Service. The idea was to use the radio broadcast itself as a text message reader. 

The mechanism was simple: if someone wanted to send a text message to a driving friend, the 140 characters text could be sent directly to the radio station. The announcers then read the messages live and drivers no longer needed to pick up their phones while driving. A mass media campaign was created to publicize the RMS phone number.

More than 3 million people were reached by the action. Thousands of text messages were received and heard safetely by drivers. According to Kertész, the radio station is now studying the possibility of developing the RMS, making it a permanent service for the city.

Advertising Agency:Propeg, Salvador, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer:Emerson Braga
Creative Directors:Fabiano Ribeiro, André Amoedo
Head Of Art:Luiz Celestino
Copywriters:Emerson Braga
Art Director:Luiz Celestino
Account Director:Vitor Barros
Planner Director:Melina romariz
Producer:Juliana Leonelli, Ariana Guerra
Audio Studio:Ritmika Arts
Media:Eder Galindo, Rosana Ramos.
Approval:Mário Kertész, Chico Kertész
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