Felt Greeting Cards: Mother-in-Law Card Collection

May 05, 2016Filed under Print and Retail Services

Humanaut created hilarious greeting cards for your Mother-in-Law for Mother's Day/May 8th, to promote the handwritten card app Felt. Let’s face it. The relationship between anyone and their mother-in-law can be a little awkward at times, especially around Mother’s Day. Should you send a Mother’s Day card? She’s your mom, but not really. 

Thankfully Felt has created a solution for this age-old social quandary: the Other Mother’s Day Card Collection. A new line of greeting cards specifically designed to send to your Mother-in-law on Mother’s Day. The best part is you can write and send these cards and mail them all from your iPhone or iPad. The cards range from sweet: Happy Mother’s Day to a mom who isn’t biologically programmed to love me. To very honest: If you didn’t exist I’d probably still be on Tinder. 

To outrageous: Happy Mother's Day to the woman who birthed someone I have sex with. Other Mother’s Day cards along with real Mother’s Day cards can all be found in the Felt app and are just 3 bucks to send. View the full Other Mother’s Day Collection here. 


Advertising Agency:Humanaut, Chattanooga, USA
Creative Director:David Littlejohn
Strategist:Andrew Clark
Copywriter:Andy Pearson, Liza Behles
Design Director:Stephanie Gelabert
Designers:Coleson Amon, Carrie Warren
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