Danone Benegastro: Cheated, Daughter, Nemesis, Oops

May 17, 2016Filed under Outdoor, Print, Non-alcoholic Drinks and Food

Mexico is a country where gastronomy plays a very important role. Spicy food is part of our culture in more than one way. Even our language is full of emotional connotations related to stomach sensations. Terms like "hot spicy" (enchilado o ardido) are used to describe how people feel when things go wrong. We took advantage of some characters who are famous for being unhappy for any reason.

Advertising Agency:Y&R, Mexico City, Mexico
Ceo:Hector Fernandez
Creative Vp:Saúl Escobar
General Creative Director:Karla Santa Anna
Creative Director:Fernando Carrera
Associate Creative Director:Luis Arce
Art Director:Arturo Bautista, Roberto Cuevas, Diego Servín, Osmani Contreras
Copywriter:Dulce Lozano
Photographer:Diego Arrigoni
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