Animanaturalis Animal Abuse: Seal Piñata, Greyhound Piñatas

May 11, 2016Filed under Outdoor, Print and Public Interest, NGO

AnimaNaturalis is an international non profit animal rights organization whose mission is to establish, promote and protect the rights of all animals in Spain and Latin America. We created a print ad for Animanaturalis about the mistreatment of two animal species: Fur Seals in Canada, Greyhounds in Spain. 

Every year in Canada, a hunt takes place for baby seals. They are killed cruelly and brutally with clubs for their fur or so that their blubber can be converted into products for luxury brands. Many of them are even skinned alive. Images fit for a horror film which are, to a large extent, authorized by the government. Greyhounds are trained to participate in races. But when they become champions, they are awarded with abuse. Once they become too exhausted to compete or are injured in any way, they are cruelly hanged by their owners. 

An agonizing death that can last from minutes to hours. Concept behind the campaign: Don’t treat these two species as if they were a piñata. A visual metaphor that compares them to a piñata being beaten and hanged.

Advertising Agency:Cheil, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director:Breno Cotta
Art Director:Diego Rodríguez Fraile
Copywriter:Cristina Alonso del Río
Account Director:Sandra Pérez
Photographer:Eduardo Diaz Bourgeot
3d:David Elosegui
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