Ananse Book: Safe Stories


“Safe Stories” is the world’s first repellent storybook. We used nanotechnology to develop this new type of mosquito-repelling product, which contains a natural, baby-safe repellent made of citronella, clove, and neem oils. 

It took four months of trial and error to convert this formulation into a varnish of microcapsules that could coat book pages – pages that are designed to entertain children while protecting them. The microcapsules are stored in the book pages. And whenever the pages are turned, the repellent is reactivated, creating a six-hour window of protection that extends up to 2 meters from the book itself. 

Tests show that the book is effective in repelling mosquitos for 3 months from the time a page is first turned, depending on the frequency of use. The children's stories remain the same. But the pages of this book can make children’s nights safer … and give peace of mind to their parents.

Advertising Agency:Little George, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director:Gabriel Araujo
Art Director:Anderson Borges
Copywriter:Gabriel Araujo
Illustrator:Anderson Borges
Additional Credits:Jamute Audio, Phospro Films
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