ABRA: The art of paying bills

May 16, 2016Filed under Media and Professional Services

In Brazil, one of the main obstacles that young people face when they decide to pursue a career in art, is in their own homes: afraid that their children won’t be able to make a living, the parents don’t support their decision. The most common argument is that it’s so difficult to sell art work, making it practically impossible to pay bills. The Brazilian Art Association decided to surprise parents with an action that stirred emotions and hopes. The parents of fourteen artists were invited to an art exhibit at Baró Gallery in São Paulo, and they had no idea what they were going to see there. Upon arriving at the gallery, they saw their children’s work on display and all of it was sold for the same value of bills that the parents usually pay for, such as electricity, water, condominium taxes.


Advertising Agency:DM9DDB, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer:Arício Fortes
Executive Creative Director:Paulo Coelho
Creative Directors:Adriano Alarcon, Carlos Schleder
Copywriter:Tomas Correa
Art Director:Leandro Vilas Boas
Account:Marcelo Passos, Tania Pena
Rtvc:Fabiano Beraldo, Aline Fernandes
Production:Fabiano Beraldo, Clariana Costa, Nereu Marinho
Motion Graphics:Breno Amorin, Rafael Braga, Giuliana Toledo
Photography:Sergio Prado, Kaue Uema
Production Company:La Casa de La Madre
Directors:Lia Rojas, Danilo Arenas
Cinematographer:Bruno Tiezzi
Editor:Daniel Weber
Pos Production:La Casa de La Madre
FINALIZADOR:Felipe Andriolo
Sound Production Company:Jamute
Maestro:James Pinto, Leandro Barduzzi, Daniel Telles
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