Snapchat Prevent Glaucoma: Detect by Snapchat

April 27, 2016Filed under Mobile, Other, Public Interest, NGO and Electronics, Technology

There are more Snapchat stories being viewed than produced daily. Using this idea, we created a concept that takes advantage of Snapchat’s well-established viewership using it in a universally beneficial way. Using new eye-tracking technology, similar to that of face-tracking, Snapchat would diagnose people who show signs of glaucoma. Basically, when a Snapchat user views a story, the tracker will notify them if they found signs of possible glaucoma, sending them a pop-up notification to seek medical consultation.

Advertising Agency:Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Art Director:Johana Martinez, Joanna Eve Reyes
Copywriter:Johana Martinez, Joanna Eve Reyes
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