Samsung AddWash: #singlesocks

April 14, 2016Filed under Mobile and Electronics, Technology

There are ideas that make us wonder – why hasn’t this been done yet? One of these ideas was a dating site for socks that no longer have their pair. That’s right - was. Because finally someone has made it happen.

DDB Latvia together with Samsung have created – the world’s first dating site for lonely socks. The idea is based on a very real problem that’s been circling social networks for ages – where do socks disappear? We have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news – it’s impossible to find out where socks disappear. Just. Not. Possible. But the good news is – we can proudly announce that no more socks will go missing with the new Samsung washing machine. The era of missing socks is over!

Samsung AddWash is the world’s first washing machine that actually solves the problem of single socks. It allows adding small items of clothing to the wash without stopping it. And that means less socks going missing. Nice, so now with Samsung AddWash socks don’t have to be single ever again. But what do we do with those socks who have lost their other half before the invention of Samsung Addwash? That’s simple – just go to

It’s based on the same old principle – sign up, post your single sock, express your feelings for other singles and wait for a match to happen when the feelings are mutual.

What we know for sure – right now this is the only dating site for single socks and the only known excuse for people who would like to meet someone online but their relationship status isn’t exactly Single. More like It’s complicated. So remember, if your other half says – hey, why are you on that dating site?, you go like – that’s not me, those are my single socks. They signed up themselves.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Riga, Latvia
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