Mediaset Premium TV: Mr Robot - Hack Society


OBJECTIVE Support on a national scale the launch of tv show Mr.Robot for Mediaset Premium, one of Italy's leading pay tv. Communication challenges revolved around building buzz and PR around the show for a very wide and diverse target that ranged from TV shows fanatics to occasional watchers. 

CONCEPT We wanted to leverage the world of Hackers presented by the show and bring it into the real world. To do this, we built a series of PR stunts, creating simulated "hackings" by developing bespoke media placement through OOH, Social networks and prime time TV. A crescendo of ambitious teaser activations that shared a common principle: hack the media itself and build a compelling and news-worthy storytelling about an incoming "leak" of secrets regarding powerful people. 

RESULTS The VIP hacking engaged through earned media and spontaneous conversation more than 6 million people online. Our boldest hack, delivered simultaneously in prime time on 9 free TV channels, was witnessed by more than 9 millions people: a 30 seconds message from a masked hacker, announcing an incoming leak of private sensible informations belonging to VIPs and powerful people, inviting everyone to visit a specific website in less than 24 hours. The following day one of the major italian news programs (STUDIO APERTO) made a 60 seconds segment on the hack and revealed the launch of the tv show. This single 60 seconds newsflash was viewed by more than 1 million people, bringing more than 150K unique users on the website. Ratings for Mr.Robot first episode reached a record 7.12%, up almost 700% compared to the client's regular programming.

Advertising Agency:Dude, Milan, Italy
Creative Director:Livio Basoli, Lorenzo Picchiotti
Art Director:Luca Riva
Copywriter:Nicolò Carrassi
Executive Producer:Iván Merlo
Producer:Patrizia Gatto, Valentina Mentasti
Director:Iván Merlo
DoP:Luca Costantini
Editor:Seba Morando
Video Mapping Production:Nico Angelone, Francesco Briganti
Post Production:Proxima
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