LG Mobile Phone: Black Screen

April 01, 2016Filed under Media, Film and Electronics, Technology

LG Mobile in Turkey is aiming to create stronger bonds with the audience through social responsibility. One area they are involved in is to create awareness on mobile use behind the wheel. To create this bond we have made use of two specific insights. 

The first is a research that shows the proportion of car accidents caused by use of mobile phones have escalated to 20%. The second insight comes from another research. It says that the number of people zapping channels during commercial break have decreased dramatically. 

Second screening turns out to be the reason, and people are using ad breaks as a chance to check out their phones. We have made use of the second screen insight to create intimacy with the audience in a short time and to draw their attentions to the social responsibility message.

Advertising Agency:Havas Worldwide, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director:Ergin Binyildiz
Art Director:Gizem Hız, Hasan Yıldırım, Kaan Iscan
Copywriter:Merve Selamet
Agency Producer:Dilan Davutoğlu, Sıla Salgın
Production Company:Asteros Film
Sound Design:Eardrum
Additional Credits:Dominic Youdan, Ralph Van Dijk
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