Billy Boy condoms: Air, Starvation, Water

April 21, 2016Filed under Outdoor, Print and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Can the individual carbon footprint be a stronger argument for family planning products? Introducing the social responsibility debate into the world of safe sex. Based an real statistics - in this population growth rhythm, 18 years from now, only 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 people will have access to the bare necessities of life: air, water and food – the illustration of a dystopian near future just might have the necessary stopping power for a rather insensitive target.

Advertising Agency:Leo Burnett, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director:Razvan Capanescu
Art Director:Raluca Băraru
Copywriter:Semida Duriga
Illustrator:Raluca Băraru
Creative Catalyst:Semida Duriga
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